Springtime in Charleston

Spring is upon us!  In Charleston, we spend summers at the beach and springtime in the garden. Spring hues are beginning to suffuse Charleston; not only are people sporting their wardrobe color wheel, but our city truly begins to sparkle with various bright shades.  The abundance of color, combined with warm weather and cool breezes make the scenery ideal. We see our residents taking advantage of the comfortable spring weather and the extra hour of daylight by being outdoors, priming their gardens.  Though many properties in Downtown Charleston do not have the space for a crisp, well-groomed lawn, there are the lucky few that do and they certainly make the most of it!

Below are some of our favorite landscaped yards from our listings:


22 Rutledge AvenueBLOG

22 Rutledge flaunts its landscaping beauty with Palmetto Trees, Cedar, and centipede grass.  When the season is in full effect, the Impatiens, Crape myrtle, Elephant Ears, and Caladiums bloom and display a variety of color throughout the greenery of 22 Rutledge.

217 Ashley-BLOG

217 Ashley is one of the few properties Downtown that offers ample space for front and backyard gardening.  The owners took full advantage of this by including Magnolias, Palmetto Trees, Boxwood, Rosemary, and Hydrangeas.  In order to preserve their flawless garden, they included Oleander, which is a beautiful, yet poisonous flower that keeps the bugs at bay.


7 King Street has miraculous curb appeal.  The bright green Boxwood lines the front perimeter amplifying the sunny yellow exterior of the house.  The grand Crape myrtle flowering tree is perfectly situated on the sidewalk, leaving a copious amount of space for the ‘full bloom’.  The highlight of 7 King Street is the charming Japanese Magnolia tree, which features lovely pink flowers in the spring.


12 Franklin emphasizes the color scheme of springtime with its radiant Wisteria, Crape myrtles, and Magnolias.  The large Palmetto Trees are sited perfectly for just the right amount of shade and sunshine.


Between the vibrant colors and enjoyable weather, Charleston is the prime location to fully experience the Spring season.  The Historic Charleston Foundation understood this 69 years ago when they started the Festival of Houses and Gardens.  This is a tour that gives you rare access to some of the most elegant houses and gardens on the Peninsula of Charleston.  The tour lasts until April 24th, 2016 and tickets can purchased be here.

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