… And the Carriage Properties website! We hope that you will enjoy exploring the Holy City through our listings and information available on carriageprop.com. New to Charleston? Here are a few pieces of information that will have you feeling like a local in no time.

Confused about why we refer to it as the Holy City? It is because of all the churches and places of worship with steeples that make up a big part of the Charleston skyline.

What’s with all the pineapples? It is a symbol of hospitality. It is said that sea captains arriving back to Charleston from the Caribbean would impale a pineapple on their gate post to let friends and neighbors know that they had returned home safely.

Looking for Legare Street and wondering why no one knows what you’re talking about? It’s pronounced Le-Gree.

Why are all the houses sideways? They’re called Charleston Single Houses. Only one room wide, with a piazza on either the south or west side, the arrangement of these characteristically Charleston houses helps with ventilation during the hot months in Charleston.

Now that you’re in Charleston you have to try some of the local specialities. Yes, that means shrimp & grits and she-crab soup. Head on over to Hank’s Seafood on Hayne Street, where Chef McMahon would be happy to whip some up for you.


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