It’s no secret that Charleston is known for its Southern Charm (no pun intended). We hold the doors for others, say hello even if we don’t know your name, and will happily offer to give you directions anywhere you need to go. There are a few Charlestonians that went beyond the standard Southern Charmrecently.

Darius Rucker, USC (down here that is University of South Carolina) graduate, Charleston native, and country singer recently surprised a marine with a new home and a pair of tickets to one of his shows!


Shawn Jenkins, a founder and CEO of BenefitFocus, recently donated $25 Million to MUSC Children’s Hospital. He has been a supporter of the hospital for over 20 years!


Stephen Colbert, a comedic news broadcaster for The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, grew up in Charleston (James Island) he recently donated $800,000 to the schools in South Carolina!

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