Practical Advice to Increase Buyer’s Interest

A question we often receive from those looking to sell their home is, “How can I get the best price and quickly sell my home?”  A furnished house undoubtedly offers a better vision for the prospective buyer.  Subtle décor, decluttering, minimal tailoring, and tidiness are the key elements to making your home move to the top of a buyer’s list.


Exterior Enhancements

The exterior of a home is the very first impression for a potential buyer.  It is not necessary to have an abundance of plants and flowers, but simple refinements will hold one’s attention.  The obvious maintenance of trimming overgrown grass, plants, and vines can make a large impact.  Sweeping porches, stairs, paths and even pressure washing are often items that get overlooked, and when forgotten, can quickly diminish the curb appeal and create disinterest.  


Light, Light, Light!

Our listing agents prefer to arrive prior to homes being shown in order to ensure the lighting is perfect for the time of the day.  Some rooms may show better with interior lighting, but other rooms boast natural lighting.


Keeping it tidy

A house must be kept tidy in order for it to show well.  It is important to remember the small things when we say tidy, such as, putting away the ‘counter items’, such as: sponges, toothpaste, dish soap, etc.  Most of us are accepting of animals, but it is best they aren’t involved when a prospective buyer views it. Putting away toys, food bowls, and bedding  prior to a showing is recommended.  Another suggestion is making sure items out in the open are orderly, such as blankets and towels being folded.


Personal items

Potential buyers want to ‘picture’ themselves in the homes they request to see.  This is difficult to achieve if there are an abundance of family photos or children’s artwork and excessive amounts of décor. De-personalizing also means removing clutter from around the house, including overflowing storage spaces, closets, and garages.  When a buyer cannot ‘fit’ themselves in the home, they begin to lose interest.


Inviting Scents

Something about the smell of freshly picked flowers or ‘just out of the oven’ cookies is welcoming.  It is not necessary to bake cookies or pick flowers for every showing, but you can mock the scent with a candle!  


These tips are aesthetically pleasing to each of the senses and communicates appreciation for the home.  In our experience, buyers tend to lean toward homes that they feel have been well-maintained and cared for before cosmetic enhancements.  Our mission is to create the best possible buying and selling experience for clients.  We believe following these tips favor an enjoyable and seamless transaction process.  

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